our Leadership 

Bishop Willie Pierce & Sis Pierce

I was born October 7, 1953 in Kermit Texas my father was W.L. Pierce Senior and my mother was Lenora Underwood Pierce I was raised in Quitman Mississippi. I joined the united states navy at the age of 17. I was stationed aboard the USS Enterprise and deployed to the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam. In 1973 I was transferred to the USS Lexington while I was there I met my wife and we were married in 1974. We moved to Alice Texas in 1975. There we met Pastor Daniel Booth who was pastor of a UPC home mission church. He baptized us in Jesus Name 1976. In 1977 I was transferred to the USS Nimitz my wife and daughter went back to Pensacola to stay with family while I was overseas. While I was overseas My wife visited the Pastor D. L. Welch’s church there in Pensacola and was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1977. When I came back to Norfolk Virginia we moved there for a short time and started going to pastor Robin Ferris church in Virginia Beach. I receive the Holy Ghost there but did not stay long enough to be founded. We moved back to Mississippi Once I was discharged while there we started going to First Pentecostal Church Bay Springs. That’s where I begin to understand, the true meaning of the Holy Ghost under pastor David Skinner we remain there until the end of 1989 then we moved to Poplarville Mississippi, We assisted Pastor Larry Duncan for three years then I Evangelized for about a year and then we started a home mission church in Bainbridge, Georgia we saw God do great and mighty things. Many were filled with the Holy Ghost and many were baptized. We also built a new church while we were there after God moved us we went back to evangelizing and saw God once again fill many with the Holy Ghost. We was on the field about a year when God sent us to Berry’s Creek Pentecostal Church in 1997 it didn’t look like much in that day but God truly blessed the church we saw many baptized and many receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We pastored here 26 years. After all this, you would think that the journey would be over, but I only stepped into a different role as a Bishop of one of the greatest churches to ever be.  Looking forward to what God has for First Apostolic Church in the years ahead. - Bishop Pierce

Pastor Colton Busby & Sis Katie Busby

Pastor Busby and Sis Busby were both born and raised in Bogalusa, LA. They love Bogalusa and know GOD has great things in store for Washington Parish. Pastor Busby received the Holy Ghost in 2007 at Endtime Ministries in Bogalusa, LA and Sis Busby at First Apostolic Church, Brookhaven, MS in 2010. In 2012-2016, they worked at First Apostolic Church under Bishop Pierce in the Youth Department and many other areas. They completed Hope Corps in 2015. They started a bus ministry in the later part of 2015 in Bogalusa. In June 2016, God moved the Busby's to Baton Rouge, LA where they worked at Life Tabernacle under Pastor Spell. Sis Busby was the captain of Bus 1 and Bro Busby was the driver. Bro Busby was the Guys Elevate Superindent where he ministered to 20-40 teenage boys every Sunday Morning. Sis Busby worked and ministered in Ladies Elevate every Sunday Morning and was over the Ladies Ministry for a couple of years. The middle of Feb. 2022, the Lord sent them back to Bogalusa to "finish what they started" and we picked up right where they left off in Bus Ministry and Outreach. The Busby's were installed as Pastor and Pastor's Wife in June 2022. They are thankful for the opportunity to Pastor such an amazing prayerful church. The Busby's enjoy working in the streets ministering to people. Pastor Busby has served in the Youth Department for several years, Bus Ministry, Sunday School, Bible Studies, and so much more. Pastor Busby's passion is winning the lost and giving home bible studies. Sis Busby has served in the Youth Department for several years, Bus Ministry, Mission work in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa and Roatan, Honduras,  Sunday School, Bible Studies, and Ladies Ministry. We love the work that God is doing at First Apostolic Church and we are looking for God to do even greater things in the future. We LOVE Bishop and Sis Pierce and are very thankful they have entrusted us with God's church they have been Pastoring for so long. It is an honor. We are looking forward for the future of First Apostolic Church.